Amalric, Caia and the boys are currently busy making the estate better, and as a result will not be attending any events for the next few months.  If you'd like to come visit us we are more than willing to welcome you, and feed you and put you to work.  :-)

We regret missing folks at events, but we must do what the 21c. requires of us for the time being.  We look forward to being back at events again as soon as the shop has a new roof & loft area, and the house has a few finished rooms.  It's the same house, but we are tired of living in it halfway after three years).  :-)

Materials are on the way, and we are working on getting the jobs we have assigned ourselves out of the way.

Keep an eye open for sales on this space, and possibly eBay.  We'll be unloading a number of items both SCA and modern.

Until Further Notice...

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