Now we just have to fix it up nice enough to live in!

Come see the place, but be ready to be put to work!  :-)

We've been here for three years and have decided to stay.  We're going to move in properly now.  We can use all the help we can get, so if you have a hankering to hammer, dig, paint or spackle, come visit!  We'll put you up and feed you and everything...

Phone numbers:
C 503-720-1612
H 503-662-3570
345 S Maple Street
Yamhill OR 97148

About the house...

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Yamhill is a quiet little town.  The school is two blocks away and both the boys love school, Phoenix is in Kindergarten and Gryphon is in a 2/3 split class (he's a 2nd grader). Most of the income in the area is from farming and antique stores as far as we can tell.  The house has a pool and a hot tub and will be an excellent place for The Elliotts to start entertaining again soon.  We are planning on regular BBQ's and SCA gatherings, and what ever other excuses for a party we can think of.  Right now mostly to celebrate the new arrival (just the materials for building the new shop roof and loft! Don't get over excited!).  The house is over 100 years old being built in 1890.  There is a lot of work to do in the house, pool, hot tub, pond/water feature, and whatever else we look at, but it should all be worth it in the end.

More info about the new house:
As it turns out, the house was not built where it now stands.  As a matter of fact it was two houses relocated to the current location back in 1890 or so. So our house has a split personality!  We found wood floors under a couple of the carpets so far, and hope to be able to restore the floors in places where they are overlaid with particle board and other nasty coverings. Carpets are all gone on the first floor, and we're looking forward to pulling the upstairs carpets when we have the time and money to improve the floors in the two bedrooms. Ironically, the floor at the top of the stairs is the best old wood flooring in the house!  It's distressed, but it looks awesome!

The hot tub on the deck is something we are really looking forward to using again.  We had it working, but something stopped working after a few short weeks and now we can't get it to start again. The pool, well, the pool is in need of a liner, and we can go from there to see what else it is lacking.  The stuff for it all seems to be there, but we have to try out the equipment somehow to see if it'll still work or not.

The deck needs a good power washing, but is otherwise in good shape. The yard is totally overgrown again. We have an arbor that has mature grape vines climbing all over it.  The structure is leaning a bit, but we think we'll be able to rescue it.

Time to dream of the day when the house is all painted and renewed is over, and we are ready to sell some stuff off and make room for our stuff. We need to banish all the boxes, and get our stuff all put away or sold off!  I want a shop where I can make stuff instead of a huge storage warehouse full of stuff I don't want or need anymore!  I have a bunch of tools and I plan to use them!

Hope to see everyone sometime soon!

~Brian & Amy Sept 10th, 2007